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New version of WP Rewritely

After the last developer disappeared we had to quickly find another one. This one rewrote the whole plugin, fixed a few bugs and added the feature for rewriting Pages.

It’s a highly recommended update!

All WP Rewritely customers received an email with the download link to your email. If you haven’t received it, let us know and we’ll send it to you manually.

Well that was a complete failure :}

This was originally sent to our members’ newsletter list.

As you know last week I sent you the offer for WP Rewritely, our new manual rewriting plugin. We had over 200 people click to the homepage and we sold … drum rolls please … two. Pretty bad. :} (that’s an awkward smile smiley if you don’t know : )

It looks like the price point just wasn’t OK so we refunded the two and we’re trying this again.

The price now is just $7 for unlimited license and we hope it’s in your ballpark of value (please let me know if there’s another problem).

Visit WP Rewritely.

Let me know if you have any questions by clicking reply.

P.S.: No, I’m not planning another discount even if nobody buys! :}

P.P.S: Just give it a try and if you don’t like it you can always get a refund.

WordPress manual rewriting plugin

Based on the survey we’ve published on 12th August, many of you use PLR as content for your money site or main blog. One of the respondents then shared a problem she has with rewriting after the post has been drafted by WP Robot.

It’s sentence-by-sentence rewriting. We thought this would easily be solved by creating a WordPress plugin, so we went to work and created a quick mockup of how the plugin would look.

The plugin will be developed in week’s time if there’s enough interest. Go to the website to check out the mockup and tell us if you’re interested.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated!