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WP Postly released – we need your feedback!

We’ve just sent access to first members to test out WP Postly. We’ve done extensive testing on our own but we also need your feedback to really polish the plugin.

WP Postly Logo

The plugin sources content from other APIs, so if any issues arise they’re usually due to problems with Big Content Search, Big Media Scraper or Spin Rewriter. Below are the issues we found with our testing.

Issues with Big Content Search content:

  • some articles include word count at the end of the article
  • some articles have a broken title (and continue in text body)

The solutions to these are manual. In both cases, you need to manually remove/correct the post but then also contact us so we can fix the article in our database so it doesn’t happen again.

Issues with Big Media Scraper enriching:

  • Flickr’s API returns irrelevant photos on some keywords
  • whole paragraphs are marked as Headings

While we’re finding a fix for the second issue (some blog posts look fantastic if they have a bit longer heading so we’re trying to keep that), there really is no solution to Flickr returning better images. Unfortunately people often add all kind of tags to their photos so there’s little we can do about that. One solution would be to have only YouTube videos since the relevancy there is very good. This would be optional – let us know if you’d like to see something like that.

WP Postly Issues

  • “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-postly-plugin_1.0.3/views/log.php on line 76”

The third one happens because your hosting is running a very old version of PHP (more than 3 years). You should check with your hosting about updating PHP.

These are currently the issues we found but if you find anything else, let us know and we’ll do our best to resolve them ASAP.