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Awesome Free Keyword Tools

I found two awesome keyword tools last week:

KW Finder (

Enter keyword and receive detailed SEO analysis with a few clicks. This kind of tool would usually be sold for A LOT but the author (for some strange reason) offers it for free.


Keyword Tool (

This tool will go and scrape Google suggest, giving you lots of keywords ideas. There is a similar service, though not as well designed, called UberSuggest.


WP AMZ Plugin updated

WP AMZ Plugin has just been updated to 1.0.2. If you’re a customer, please check your email for the link to the download page (license and everything else stays the same).


  • cURL fix which should resolve any issues with the plugin not working with some hosting providers,
  • reviews are now added in iframe as required by Amazon ToS.

If you find any other bugs, let us know!

How to easily get highly relevant backlinks

While this method is far from new, it can still get you some nice high PR backlinks.

What you’ll be doing is using Google’s advanced search queries to find blogs and forums where you can post your link.

Blog Comments

Let’s say you’re looking for blog posts about bass fishing in Texas.

If you look at any WordPress blog, you know that the default call to action for comments is “Leave a comment”. And we know that if the blog requires you to login (and we don’t want that), it says “you must be logged in”. These are all called “footprints” and it’s how we search for posts open for comments.

Having all that in mind we can go to Google and enter:


It’s searching for websites with exact phrase “leave a comment”, without (minus) phrase “you must be logged in” and of course about bass fishing texas. I’ve found quite a few sites where I can leave a very relevant link.

You can of course limit the search to the last year, month or week. Use SEO Quake to check site PR.

Forum Posts

Another option is to find forums which discuss the same topic. The most popular forum is phpBB so we’ll use the footprint “powered by phpbb”.


Now here’s the caveat for forums: you DON’T want to leave a link in your post (unless very relevant) but in your signature. So go to the forum, add a few generic posts (introduce yourself etc.), and only then go and add a signature and post in the topic.

A sneaky trick: add a generic non-linked signature and post comments. Then, after a few days when the posts are not in the limelight anymore, go and change your signature to your website’s link. All your signatures become links and you have a bunch of relevant content links.

More footprints and automation

You can get more footprints in this Black Hat World topic. And of course there are tools available that automate this whole process. I’ll show you one in the next few days. But until then, find a few posts and forums and post your links to them!

Big Article Scraper category search, spinner support and pricing change

Category Search

When we launched Big Article Scraper, it had a cumbersome category search. You had to manually scroll through categories to find what you were looking for. Well, not anymore! Now you can easily search categories. See the animation below.

Big Article Scraper Category Search

Now doesn’t this look awesome (btw: the animation was done by converting Quicktime screencast MOV file to GIF using a site found on Google).

Spin Rewriter Support

Due to quite a few member requests, we added Spin Rewriter support so now you can automatically download spun or spintax articles.

Pricing Changes

We’ve started with two pricing plans – Monthly and Yearly and now we’ve added a Lifetime. Plus, we’re now offering a 3-day $1 trial for all plans, the same offer as Big Content Search.

Go visit Big Article Scraper homepage.

WP AMZ Plugin Released

If you paid attention in the video for WP Review Plugin, you saw that we already had this plugin installed on the demo blog – and we’ve used it to create the content for reviewed products.

WP AMZ Plugin is a very simple plugin for adding Amazon products to your blog posts. Its also very inexpensive at just $9.95, so there’s really no reason you shouldn’t try it today.

Answers to survey’s feedback

We received a lot of questions and comments in the survey that need addressing so I thought it would be best to do it in a blog post.

Integration with third party services

A few members requested that we integrate Magic Submitter and Article Factory Pro. Unfortunately, this is the other way around – the services need to integrate Big Content Search. This means, you’ll need to request from the developers of those services to integrate Big Content Search’s API.

Reporting junk articles in Big Content Search

One member mentioned he came across a few junk articles and asked if we can do anything about it. We already do a lot of automatic filtering, however we cannot distinguish “junk” from “good” articles. In those cases, please use the button “Report article as spam” and we’ll review it.

Adding more content to Big Content Search

We haven’t been able to add as many new articles as we’d like in the last few months, however we plan on improving this in the coming months.

Tutorials, instructions and videos for our products

We also received some requests for more tutorials. We do our best to think of as many situations where new members need help but we of course miss a lot of them – this is a problem when you’re working on something for weeks, months and years. Take a look at our Knowledge Base and if you see that something is missing, please contact us and we’ll do our best to improve it.

Big Article Scraper search quality issues

We’ve had some members report poor search quality. If you’re one of them, please contact us and give us as much information as possible (your username, keywords, number of articles downloaded, task ID). We’ll report back to you as soon as possible.

… and thank you!

This is what keeps us going:


WP Review Plugin released

Two weeks ago we showed you a sneak peak into the latest plugin we’ve been working on – and now it’s finally here!

WP Review Plugin

WP Review Plugin is our latest plugin and it’s been a “pet project” of mine for far too long. I’ve wanted a simple and easy to use plugin that you can start using in minutes and would look great with any theme. Now it’s here – go visit the homepage and don’t forget to leave us feedback!

BTW: There’s a hint in the demo video of what’s coming in a week or two. 😉

WP Review Plugin – sneak peek!

Whenever I was writing a review on any of my blogs, I wanted a simple plugin that would allow me to create a simple review table, add stars, calculate the average rating and add a summary. Unfortunately there was no such plugin. And that’s why we’ve set out to create it.

We’re already doing internal testing but I wanted to give you a sneak peak and get some feedback from you.

Here’s how the final result looks on light theme:


We’re also doing a white version of the table for dark themes.

Here are the settings for setting up product types:


There are a few other minor options but mostly this is it. Create product types, write a standard post, select product type in the post and rate it. That’s it. Simple as can be.


  • Would you like to see more table color options (beside white/black)? If so, which?
  • Is there anything else you would like to see in a review plugin?
  • Any other comments or suggestions.

Let us know in the comments or send us an email.