WP Review Plugin – sneak peek!

Whenever I was writing a review on any of my blogs, I wanted a simple plugin that would allow me to create a simple review table, add stars, calculate the average rating and add a summary. Unfortunately there was no such plugin. And that’s why we’ve set out to create it.

We’re already doing internal testing but I wanted to give you a sneak peak and get some feedback from you.

Here’s how the final result looks on light theme:


We’re also doing a white version of the table for dark themes.

Here are the settings for setting up product types:


There are a few other minor options but mostly this is it. Create product types, write a standard post, select product type in the post and rate it. That’s it. Simple as can be.


  • Would you like to see more table color options (beside white/black)? If so, which?
  • Is there anything else you would like to see in a review plugin?
  • Any other comments or suggestions.

Let us know in the comments or send us an email.

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12 thoughts on “WP Review Plugin – sneak peek!

  1. Gabriele

    This is a great idea! I would like to see a white background color with red stars. Can the comment area be larger or does it expand with the amount of words?

  2. George Clegg

    Hi Dejan – Looks good. It would be nice if we could easily style it using CSS. If we had a list of the classes or ID’s used to format the various items, we could then restyle to fit whatever environment we found ourselves in.
    Just a thought. I don’t want it to get too complex, but that way those who are comfortable with CSS would have a lot of flexibility and those that aren’t comfortable with CSS could opt for the standard options.
    Either way it looks like a nice addition to the toolbox.


    1. Dejan Murko Post author


      this might be interesting for a future version, it might take too much dev time to do this now. But yes, definitely a good idea and worth thinking about it for the future versions.

  3. Marcel Heiniger

    Hi Dejan
    Great idea and look nice.
    In the configuragtion sceen as Table color why not just put a color picker ?
    also i would preffer for the Rating that whe can insert a integer so whe can change betwen 5,7,9 Stars

    But this look to be a nice usefull plugin.

    1. Dejan Murko Post author


      table color is not just one color, there are four: text, two background colors and stars. So it would complicate a bit. If we go that route, we’ll need something like George before you suggested.

      It never occurred to me you’d want rating beside 5 and 10. I think it’s easier to just and add, for example “3” and “7”. We’ll put this in the next version.

  4. Viviane

    Can’t wait to use this plugin! I would love to see some options for medium range colors that blend in better with softer color schemes and allow gold or red stars to pop. Or alternatively, maybe a white background with a good choice of colored frames.

  5. Giovanni Dattoma

    Does the option list include the option to add a custom besides the list in the drop down? A product like a fashion item/accessory would need other appropriate options. For example ‘very comfortable’ for shoes, ‘ideal for’, etc.
    Adding some flexibility to options. I hope it makes sense.


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