Answers to survey’s feedback

We received a lot of questions and comments in the survey that need addressing so I thought it would be best to do it in a blog post.

Integration with third party services

A few members requested that we integrate Magic Submitter and Article Factory Pro. Unfortunately, this is the other way around – the services need to integrate Big Content Search. This means, you’ll need to request from the developers of those services to integrate Big Content Search’s API.

Reporting junk articles in Big Content Search

One member mentioned he came across a few junk articles and asked if we can do anything about it. We already do a lot of automatic filtering, however we cannot distinguish “junk” from “good” articles. In those cases, please use the button “Report article as spam” and we’ll review it.

Adding more content to Big Content Search

We haven’t been able to add as many new articles as we’d like in the last few months, however we plan on improving this in the coming months.

Tutorials, instructions and videos for our products

We also received some requests for more tutorials. We do our best to think of as many situations where new members need help but we of course miss a lot of them – this is a problem when you’re working on something for weeks, months and years. Take a look at our Knowledge Base and if you see that something is missing, please contact us and we’ll do our best to improve it.

Big Article Scraper search quality issues

We’ve had some members report poor search quality. If you’re one of them, please contact us and give us as much information as possible (your username, keywords, number of articles downloaded, task ID). We’ll report back to you as soon as possible.

… and thank you!

This is what keeps us going:


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2 thoughts on “Answers to survey’s feedback

  1. Michael

    With regard to user’s assisting in flagging content, perhaps you might consider building in a function to more appropriately classify what is wrong with the content.

    Such as: Spam; Inappropriate; Inaccurate; Misleading

    I flagged two or three yesterday for ‘inaccurate’ as they came up via search, but the only mention of the search term was in the title. Nothing mentioned at all about the subject for which I searched, which was ‘Salad Dressing’

    It might help you/your team in being more productive in your culling.

    Cheers from Southwest Ohio,



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