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Based on the survey we’ve published on 12th August, many of you use PLR as content for your money site or main blog. One of the respondents then shared a problem she has with rewriting after the post has been drafted by WP Robot.

It’s sentence-by-sentence rewriting. We thought this would easily be solved by creating a WordPress plugin, so we went to work and created a quick mockup of how the plugin would look.

The plugin will be developed in week’s time if there’s enough interest. Go to the website to check out the mockup and tell us if you’re interested.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated!


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2 thoughts on “WordPress manual rewriting plugin

  1. Tom Harrison

    This is close, but what would really help, is if it just separated the sentences with no dialog. i.e.

    Sentence 1. Sentence 2. Sentence 3.

    Sentence 1.

    Sentence 2.

    Sentence 3.


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