Looking for beta testers for Big Media Scraper

Big Media Scraper development is far enough that we can invite beta testers to start using it and give us honest feedback to make the service ready for use.

Big Media Scraper

The current version will be completely free for at least 2-3 weeks and after that, beta testers will get special pricing.

Check your email or contact us for an invite!

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2 thoughts on “Looking for beta testers for Big Media Scraper

  1. Dennis O'Brien

    Hope you guys are doing well. I must say this concept is working well for me. Only tried one WordPRess blog so far because of the work involved in entering and editing the html plus scheduling posts.

    I asked at one stage if you would have a solution to upload the zip file and drip feed posts. I tried searching and trying different plugins for weeks without success until recently. You did say you were working on a solution but in the meantime I found a plugin called FeedMe by Anim Motim.

    Only thing is I have to replace the doctype. head, body and article opening tags with the plain text title then remove the closing tags. This simply leaves all other html intact so the images and YouTube videos still get posted. The best feature is I can schedule publishing as I wish.

    Just thought I would let you know as it seems the whole process of auto posting HTML content to WordPress is not easy or there would be more plugins available. If this information helps I’m glad I could contribute. Keep up the great work.



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