Interesting product idea?

Between building new products and updating Big Content Search, we always have time to plan and think about future products. This time we’re not sure it’s a product yet since we don’t have any excitable idea on how to use it. And we thought why not ask our valuable customers?

My technical co-founder stumbled upon an algorithm that can summarize text. For example: you put in a 500-word article and get out 5 sentences that summarize it. You could also put in an ebook and get out a few sentences for each chapter. This could also be used to summarize news on a daily basis etc.

Do you have an idea on how we could develop this into a tool that would help you with your SEO, autoblogging or something else?

If you have, let us know in the comments, by replying to our email or by contacting us.

It’s greatly appreciated!

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Dejan Murko

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14 thoughts on “Interesting product idea?

    1. Dejan Murko Post author

      So you’d like to see a short summary of the website for bookmark description? This would probably be a bit complicated but we’ll take a look. Let me know if you had anything else in mind.

  1. David Bay

    This could form a teaser article or a mail list article with the balance available on a website. Or for a high level summary page with the balance of the article in lower level pages.

  2. peter wentworth

    1.) make a plugin to change the alt text of any picture (or banner image if not picture on the post) to those 5 sentences.

    2.) make a plugin to create a monthly e-newsletter containing these synopses from all the posts done this month. – (actually, an E-Zine Plugin would be a great plugin even without using your summarizing feature.)

  3. peter wentworth

    Expanding upon a previous suggestion.
    Make a plugin to look through your scheduled posts and then summarize several (or one) of your scheduled posts in a “coming soon/next week” blurb at the bottom of your current post.

  4. Mike Holthuysen

    If I understand correctly what you are providing is a synopsis (summary) of the content they expect to read, following the link,
    This idea has endless uses and time saving as well, starting with on your own sites, and customizing the read-more tags, meta-tag description, short taste of content for facebook, linkedin and blogs that link back to your site or offer. Well done guys. 🙂

  5. Mort

    Hi Dejan.

    I think that this product could be used in order to take a long product sales letter or a selected portion of it and to condense the product description suitable for insertion into a product review site post or comment.
    Then just add the affiliate link. And hey presto, product reviews for affiliates.

    Good luck, Mort.

  6. Mort

    I presume the user could, if it suited the purpose, go and check over the 5 sentence summary and treat it like a short PLR article.

    I.e. Possibly add an intro and an ending and signature including a website or affiliate link.

    Also the user would scan the long article or sales letter for more descriptive points to add if required.

    I doubt that the product could be guaranteed to create the best possible 5 sentence summary, without the need for proof reading, as could “some” humans.

    There again maybe I could be surprised with the quality.

    Or is it that the number of sentences in the summary can be set. I.e. 5 or 7 or 15 sentences.

    Good luck, M.

  7. Joel

    Hi Dejan,

    Thanks for the help you extended to me before.

    This is a great idea for it is not easy to make a short summary or an description tag of a post. The SEO tool (if it will be a tool, a plugin) will surely save us time thinking and writing a summary.

    Just one idea: I would to see the summary it generates displaying my keywords and LSI.

    I look forward to this tool. It will greatly help.

    Best regards


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