Monthly Archives: June 2013

Launch 3.0 Information

There are two things to keep in mind with the launch of Big Content Search 3.0.

eBooks Database

We’ll be adding new eBooks on a daily basis this week and the next. Because of the size of files this has to be done manually so it’s taking a bit more time. We expect to have 1000 eBooks till the end of the week and a few hundred more till the end of next week.

We’re also checking and tweaking the search to see how it’s working with eBooks. And we want to hear your feedback so let us know!

We’re also buying new PLR eBooks as we speak so don’t forget to check the requests in your members area and vote for topics!

Business Edition Course

This was not meant as a course which you’d forget about in a day. While most of the course is written, we still have some things we’d like to make clearer and better. We’ll also be adding new topics till the end of next week and make some other additions (more images etc.).

We value your feedback, so let us know where you need more info and we’ll provide you with it!