Big Content Search Version 2.0 Live!

We’ve made quite a few changes in the last few weeks so here’s a recap.

Major changes from 1.5

  • Created Basic and Premium members accesses (currently there’s only Basic subscription for sale),
  • download spintax or spinned article for Premium users,
  • added a couple thousand new articles,
  • removed a couple thousand articles that didn’t pass our updated SPAM filter,
  • implemented a daily download limit of 50 articles per day for Basic users and 250 for Premium users,
  • and more than 30 other tweaks and additions.

Coming in the next few weeks

While we wanted to avoid limiting downloads, there was no other way to make it fair to all users once we publish the autoblogging plugin. This way, we won’t have just a few members flooding our servers and making the service unavailable for others. We also think that the daily download limits are reasonable and enough for most members. In any case if we’ll see a need for a higher limit and our servers are able to process more, we’ll increase it.

Tomorrow we’ll start sending out free Premium accesses to all members that left feedback a few months ago. You’ll be able to download more articles than Basic members and use TheBestSpinner access for instant downloading of spintax or spinned articles.

SpinRewriter integration is also coming soon, probably in 2.1 release. This should help make articles more usable immediately.

Work on the WordPress autoblogging plugin has also started. Things got complicated once we actually started working on it (there are a lot of things we need and want to implement) so this is why it’s taking a bit longer.

Once WordPress plugin passes our Alpha test, we’ll open it to Premium users for feedback. After that we have a few others things to do before publicly launching BCSv2.

Stay tuned!

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