Monthly Archives: December 2011

Big Content Search Version 1.4 is Live!

We did a few updates in the last few weeks and here’s a recap.

Changes from the 1.3 version

  • Upload form for your own PLR articles. Contact us through this form to sell us your own PLR articles.
  • Categories/niches list for easier searching. The link, including recent and top downloaded articles is available under the search box.
  • Fixed a few articles with invalid characters in titles (reported by member).
  • Fixed a few bugs on the spinner page, written better error messages and welcome emails and did some minor text corrections.
  • Upgraded the base system to improve index performance -> faster search.
  • Set search results batch size to 25 instead of 10.
  • Uploaded 5000 new PLR articles – recipes.

Article Requests

Unfortunately with the upgrade we lost the article requests members posted, because we had to re-ingeneer them in a more efficient way.

This was the ranking of the requests:

  1. – Twitter marketing
  2. – Facebook PPC advertising
  3. – More articles about PLR
  4. – Personal development for kids
  5. – Amazon product reviews
  6. – Photography
  7. – How to find romance online

We’ll be adding ‘Twitter marketing’ articles soon but others will be manually re-added to the requests page. Please rate them again!

Version 2.0

Although a bit behind, we’re working on the 2.0 version and hope to get it to you in the beginning of 2012. We’ll be needing some beta testers so keep an eye out on your mailbox.

At the same time we’d like to wish you a successul new year and happy holidays!