Monthly Archives: August 2010

Comments On Our New PLR Guide

Today we sent out an email with a link to the new PLR guide we prepared for our members. We hope you’ll find many useful things in it or at least one to really help you.

As already mentioned in the email, it’s a prototype guide which means we’ll be adding to it and changing it until we’re really satisfied with it. It’s meant for new users to Big Content Search who need help and ideas with using PLR content.

Please leave your comments below.

  • Did you find the report useful?
  • Did you find any new information in it?
  • Would you like to read about something in more detail?
  • Is there something missing which you’d like to read in the next version of the guide?

New version up

This weekend we kept ourselves busy with upgrading to the latest version of our system. Here is a list of updates:

  • you can now add an article to download cart directly from search results page
  • on article page you can immediately see if this article is already in your download cart
  • site now has a maximum width to display nicely on huge screens
  • a new color scheme is used along with a new logo
  • underlying technology is updated to latest version
  • more advanced duplicate content and SPAM filter for articles
  • more articles were added, bringing the total number of articles up to 102,870.

We also migrated the whole system to a proper server in the States. This gives us more room to grow our software and faster performance for members from US.

Happy searching!