Monthly Archives: May 2010

New version online, updated filters and soon new articles

We’ve just closed the milestone on version 0.5. There’s one new great feature and it’s adding your search to RSS reader. Just setup your search, save the link to your RSS reader and be notified about new articles as soon as we upload them. Read how to do this here.

We’re also uploading new articles and we expect to have them about 60.000 by the end of the week.

Then we’ve done a lot of work under the hood:

  • we’ve updated the import filter for article packs; we have 78.000 articles that went through the filter with no problems; but we still have about 30.000 that had some problems and need manual checking;
  • we’ve updated app documentation,
  • we’ve updated the underlying framework to its latest release.

And of course we’ve opened another WSO for another 30 members but with a bit higher price.

Coming Up

The next version which will be deployed on May 17th will bring an easier to use Download Cart and a free Article Spinner. Our tech team has really gone wild with the spinner so you can expect a very advanced and easy-to-use tool (none of that {word1|word2} stuff).

Stay tuned!