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Prices, prices

Probably one of the hardest tasks in marketing is getting the price of your product or service right. To some extent you can test this and we intend to do this in prelaunch. Still, you need to have an approximation of what you expect – taking in account that you must also pay affiliates a healthy commission (from what I’ve read 50% is regarded as a bare minimum).

A great tactic is increasing the price with each milestone (be it a month, quarter or a number of members). We will most certainly go this way, as you reward the first movers and create a sense of urgency in potential buyers (buy now or wait for the price to increase).

There’s a mockup of our pricing page on the right. It’s an early mockup as we’ll still have to test it.

The idea:


  • 4,95$ 5-Day Risk-Free Trial + 37$ Monthly Subscription
  • 197$ Annual Subscription – 65% Discount

First Milestone

  • 4,95$ 5-Day Risk-Free Trial + 47$ Monthly Subscription
  • 97$ Quarterly Subscription – 30% Discount

Second Milestone

  • 4,95$ 5-Day Risk-Free Trial + 57$ Monthly Subscription
  • 127$ Quarterly Subscription – 25% Discount

Third Milestone

  • 4,95$ 5-Day Risk-Free Trial + 67$ Monthly Subscription
  • 157$ Quarterly Subscription – 20% Discount

We think the starting price is reasonable, especially considering all the content the users will have access to. Not to mention the quality will rise with each milestone as we’ll hire our own dedicated writers and add new features. We also plan to have case studies and tips to help our users make money with PLR.

How To help affiliates with affiliate tools for promotion

Usually in Internet Marketing affiliates make or break your product/service. That’s why there’s so much emphasis on helping affiliates with as many tools as possible.

One of the big “no-no”s is having an affiliate link on the pitch page. Nobody likes to lose commissions because the visitor saw the affiliate link and saved themselves 60% of the price. So we decided no “Affiliates” links on the pitch page.

Next thing we did is buy a new domain especially for affiliates – It’s still in the first stages but here’s the general idea:

  • pitch page for affiliates – why promote our service
  • description of
  • regular monthly contests (too keep the affiliates active)
  • tools for promotion

– Articles
– eMails
– Reviews
– Testimonials
– Banners
– Videos
– Free PLR packs
– PPC Keywords

  • blog

We hope to provide affiliates all information and tools they need.

This is it for now. Stay tuned!

Changed the autoresponder to Aweber, signed up for GetSatisfaction

After a two week testing period, we’ve come to a conclusion that if a large percentage of professionals use one service (marketers, Aweber), there’s really no reason to go reinventing the wheel by trying to be different (GetResponse). We’ve closed the account on GetResponse and are switching to Aweber. Besides having an easier user interface it also has a better form generator and better delivery rates.

We’ve also signed up for GetSatisfaction account for our basic feedback needs. You can already see it on this page, though it’s still has a bug when clicked on (this will be sorted out shortly).

Today we’ll resume the AdWords testing.

First statistics from AdWords tests are in

Though it’s way too soon to be making any kind of predictions as we only spent just over 40$, it’s still fun to analyze the current data :).

The idea: test different ads for CTR and landing page sign ups for a general feel of the demand for the application. We are doing all testing in Google Analytics and AdWords. We linked the Analytics account with AdWord so we can track every click in great details. As a goal in Analytics we defined a sign up to our launch list. The launch list was created with GetResponse.

Till today we received 48 clicks through AdWords. We received 7 sign ups which is a 16% conversion rate. Unfortunately only three went through the email confirmation process (a 6,3% conversion rate). We’re still figuring out why. In case the confirmation emails were not delivered we will seriously think about changing autoresponder and going with Aweber.


  • The first error was that we set up a thank you page before the visitor confirmed his/her email. This meant that probably a number of them thought they’ve already signed up and never checked the email. We changed that in the middle of the campaign.
  • We forgot to link AdWords testing to Analytics’ goals at the beginning.
  • GetResponse might have problems delivering emails. We’ll have to test some more to get better data.

I’ve reset the Analytics data and will test tomorrow the new setup and then relaunch it on monday.

That’s it for now, stay tuned.

PLR article packs are worthless

We’ve been doing some alpha testing for importing the database into our system. Besides looking for the optimal solution (importing and indexing a hundred thousand articles is not an easy task), we’re also cleaning the database of worthless articles.

The first pack of articles is the all known 115.000+ article pack. Many people might wonder why would you want to pay a monthly fee on articles if you can get packs with articles for 0,3$ per article. Well, in short PLR article packs are completely worthless. Here are a few reasons:

  • Articles are NOT sorted. Unless you think “3 Safety Tips For Hikers” goes into Tennis? How about “Blackjack Strategy Tips” in Home & Family? No? Didn’t think so. And these are just examples I found in a few seconds.
  • Articles are in many languages – you can find Spanish and some other for which my computer didn’t have encoding so I could not even see it properly.
  • There are spam articles – a bunch of articles with less than 300 words and with URLs – just product pitches, no value at all.
  • There’s no SEARCH! Do you really want to go through hundreds of articles in a folder to find 2-3 you need at this moment?

The first bullet point is also why we completely cancelled the option to browse through categories. They are completely useless as the articles were very badly sorted. Plus the search is actually fantastic, so we think we don’t really need categories. Members will quickly get the easy search (it actually has the same basic features as Google – AND/OR, exact phrase, negatives, plus some others – variations of root etc.).

Other problems will be solved by our automatic importer so you will only get access to best articles from packs.

And I can’t tell you how much I’m excited about the search – it was a “make it or brake it” function and it works really fantastic! Can’t wait to get the first beta testers.

I’ll keep you posted.